Monday, February 23, 2009

Cooum/Koovam River

(Colored Tamil lads dancing crazily with a fast drum beat)
Hey!! Hey!! Hey!!
Hey!! Hey!! Hey!!

Flowing gently in the city
Taking all the trashes with you
Using your special perfume
Spreading it all over the city

    Oh famous Kovam river of Chennai
    There’s no other river like you
    The Government must be very proud of you

Other countries do have rivers
But your ingredients are of a special kind
Honored by your countrymen
The city is proud of you

Looking like an oil from above
Smells like shit from the streets
Using “calm and stinky” as an alias
You are the most unique river in the world


  1. Ok whats the story behind this post? You wrote this poem/song or its a translation from a tamil song?


  2. @illusionaire: its all about the Koovam River which make the city smell like shit.. and yes i'm the writer...translation...NOT

  3. Nice one then. Kudos :-)

    And hey, send me ur snap for the blog directory plz. Yours is the only one pending. Thanx.