Monday, February 9, 2009

Why me Lord

This beautiful and touching song composed by Johnny Cash keeps on ringing to my ear whenever I think about my life. God gave me food, shelter, family, etc. He let me live a normal life, he don't let me beg. He gave me two eyes with which I can see. A pair of legs, arms, so on and so forth. Why am I getting all these blessings? What did I do for him?

Why me Lord, what have I ever done
To deserve even one,
of the pleasures I've known.

Tell me Lord, what did I ever do,
That was worth love FROM you,
Or the kindness you've shown.

Then I realized that I did nothing for God, who showers me with blessings I do not deserve at all. I took the blessings I have received for granted and never bother to thank the giver. I have wasted my precious and short time and never really spend it for the Lord. I ask myself "What will I be or where will I go without the Lord? Everything in this world belongs to him, even my own life. This life I'm living is not mine. It's his".

Lord help me Jesus, I've wasted it so,
Help me Jesus, I know what I am.
Now that I know, that I've need you so,
Help me Jesus, my soul's in your hand.

No matter how hard I try, I know it is impossible to turn back the hands of time and erase all the mistakes I have made. All I can do is to plan for my future and the life I'm living right now. I would like do something for God in any possible way even though I cannot repay him all that I have got from him.

Tell me Lord, if you think there's a way,
That I can repay, all I've taken from you.
Maybe Lord, I can show someone else,
What I've been through myself,
on my way back to you.

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